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Willkommen bei Padellife – Ihrem Padel-Experten!
Willkommen bei Padellife – Ihrem Padel-Experten!

Head Extreme Pro LTD Arturo Coello Padel Racket

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Limited Edition version of the Head Extreme Pro, which Arturo Coello will play with for the first time at the Premier Padel tournament in Rome in June 2024. Coello himself has chosen the design of the bat with black and red colors in a matte finish with his signature discreetly on the surface.

From a technical point of view, the racket is designed to give the skilled offensive player exceptional power and touch. It is molded in a diamond shape, which combined with a head-heavy weight balance and Head's Extreme Spin technology offers you extra spice in the attack.

As an added bonus, the bat comes with free 'spin strips'. Spin strips are thin, elongated pieces with a rough, sandpaper-like surface that can be applied to the racket surface in the sweetspot as needed.

Technologies of the Head Extreme Pro LTD

Power Foam

The foam in the core of the racket is Head's 'Power Foam', which ensures an efficient power transfer between racket and ball in your strokes.

Extreme Spin

Rough surface texture in a round shape to optimize opportunities to put spin on the ball.

Smart Bridge

The bridge of the racket is specifically designed to support the characteristics of the racket and give you maximum benefit in every stroke.

Optimized Sweetspot

The hole pattern is developed to enhance the characteristics of the racket and optimize the sweetspot.

Soft Butt Cap

This technology involves shock-absorbing rubber implemented at the bottom of the shaft. It reduces vibration up through the grip and spares your arm and elbow.

Graphene Inside

The core of the racket is constructed with graphene materials in strategic locations to strengthen the racket's frame, stability and energy transfer in your strokes.

Anti Shock Skin Padel

This technology protects the racket from bumps and scratches and is used to extend the life of the racket.

Tailored Frame

The frame construction is produced from small tube sections which are individually designed to give the racket the best possible performance.


The racket is made with auxetic materials that expand when stretched and subjected to pressure. This improves contact with the ball at the moment of impact.

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