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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
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The Team
Behind Padellife is a team of young padel geeks who spend all their time geeking out on padel - specifically padel equipment. We live and breathe padel from the moment we live and breathe padel from the moment we get up until we go to bed, which is why you can always be sure of very focused and qualified advice from us. The entire team consists of padel players of various levels, which is why we can offer individual advice for all playing levels on shoes, rackets, bags, grips, etc.

At team Padellife, we live by the philosophy that all our customers should find the racket and equipment that best suits their style of play. This is done through a good, individual advice, which ensures that all customer wishes are met. We want the same feeling as in a specialist shop, even if you shop online. We ensure this precisely through the possibility of top-class customer service via chat, telephone or email.

Our mission is to help as many Europeans as possible to choose the best padel equipment for your level and style of play. Through this, it is our goal to reach many new European markets within the next few years. We aim at being one of your primary players in the padel market throughout Europe, but most importantly - we want to be YOUR preferred padel retailer.

Padellife - Denmark's Leading Padel Specialist

Welcome to Padellife.
Padellife has Denmark's largest selection of everything for padel and always
guarantees you the best prices on the market.
We have been selling padel rackets since 2016 and have continuously expanded the range since then. Our first shop at H.C Ørsteds Vej 39B, 1879 Frederiksberg opened in early 2019, while our current store at Julius Thomsens Gade 7, 1974 Frederiksberg C opened in November 2023. We are really happy and proud of the great interest the padel community and many padel enthusiasts have shown, which means that today we have almost everything you can dream of in padel.
The team at Padellife consists exclusively of padel experts, who are all in the best position to guide you to your next padel purchase. The guidance can either be done in the physical store in Frederiksberg, on the chat or via email to
At Padellife we have played many sports at a high level in the past. This means that we have a lot of experience in the transition from other sports to padel, as we have had it all our lives. Therefore, if you are a very skilled tennis, badminton, squash or table tennis player, we have a whole range of advice on which rackets and other equipment to choose.
Both in the webshop and in the store you will find all the best brands in padel. We have not only chosen all the well-known padel brands like Bullpadel, Nox, Babolat, Adidas, Head, Starvie, Wilson etc. But also specialists such as Drop Shot, RS Padel, Oxdog, Osaka and many more.
Padellife is known for fast delivery and always top-class service. We can offer you fast day-to-day delivery with GLS as well as the best service you could wish for with live chat, the possibility of physical guidance in the store at Julius Thomsens Gade 7, 1974 Frederiksberg C.

Padel Rackets
If you're looking for a new padel racket, Padellife is the place to look. We have the largest selection of padel rackets in Denmark with +100 models from +15 brands. At Padellife we carry rackets from virtually every relevant brand on the market, which includes Bullpadel, Nox, Head, Wilson, Osaka, Adidas, Starvie, Babolat, RS Padel, Oxdog and
many more.
The most important elements when choosing a new padel racket are the shape of the racket, the weight distribution and the material the bat is made of. The cheaper rackets are often made of fibreglass, which is cheaper and more durable material than carbon.
However, fibreglass is also a more rigid material, so you can't get the power and control in the same way as you can with carbon, which is usually used more in the more expensive rackets. The weight distribution of the racket is relevant because with a head-heavy bat you will get more power, while with a head-light bat you will get a higher degree of control. In addition, the shape is very important in your choice of padel racket, as the shape has a great impact on the position of the sweetspot in your padel racket. A diamond shaped padel racket will often have the sweetspot placed slightly higher in the racket, whereas a round padel bat will often have sweetspot placed roughly centrally in the racket. However, the shape and weight distribution will not be as important in fibreglass bats as it will be in carbon bats.
You will always find the largest selection of all these types of padel racket at Padellife, where there is something for everyone. We offer both the newest bats right at release as well as slightly older models on great deals. However, you always have the opportunity to find your next padel racket at the shaspest price with us, as we run a price guarantee against our Nordic competitors.

See the range of padel bats here.

Padel Balls
Padel must of course be played with real padel balls. Padel balls are very similar to tennis balls. Padel balls are produced with slightly different dimensions and with 10% less pressure, which makes their bounce more usable for padel. Padel balls come in different speeds and qualities.
At Padellife we have a wide selection of padel balls, so there is something for everyone. We have both the well-known balls used on the World Padel Tour as well as some cheaper, more price-conscious padel balls.

See the range of padel balls here.

Padel Grips
Padel grips is one of the most important and often most underrated items on your padel racket. A proper grip on your padel racket is crucial to ensure you have the best experience with your new racket. There are many types of padel grip, just as there are many different preferences. Some grips are more or less sticky, which caters for different preference. Additionally, there are both the thicker replacement grips as well as the thinner overgrips. If you're the type who sweats a lot, then a good tip is to go for the slightly drier grips. A dry grip in a sweaty hand is the best combination if you want to make sure the bat doesn't slip. In addition, it is very important to change your grip regularly to ensure you always have the best experience with your racket.
At Padellife we have many different types of grips from YouPadel, Tourna, Wilson, 4on, Softee and many other manufacturers of grips. We are very passionate about grips, and grips are an area where we innovate a lot. That's why we always try to be the first with new, innovative products.

See the range of padel grips here

Padel Clothes

Padel is of course best played in the same clothing they use on the World Padel Tour. At Padellife we carry a large selection of padel clothing from many of the major brands, such as Bullpadel, Nox, Fila, Adidas etc., but we also carry padel clothing from same local padel clothing manufacturers.

See the range of padel clothing here

Padel Accessories

Padel is a material sport, which is why you don't skimp on the accessories. In padel there are many kinds of accessories, where sweatbands, grip-enhancer, shock absorber, protector, energy products are just some examples of accessories that we carry. It is very important to always be up to date with the latest accessories for padel. You can always be sure that Padellife has a wide selection of all the modern accessories for padel.