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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Bullpadel Padel Grips

Are you looking for grips from Bullpadel? Then you've come to the right place! On this page you will find our selection from Bullpadel including Hesacore and overgrips for your padel racket.

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    Bullpadel Hesacore Grip

    Original Price €28,00
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    The Bullpadel Hesacore Grip is a nubbed silicone grip that is pulled up on the handle of the racket. The grip counteracts tennis elbow and gives a ...

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    Original Price €28,00
    Current Price €17,00
    Save 39%

Buy Bullpadel grips at Padellife

When talking about grips for padel, Spanish Bullpadel is above all world famous for their Hesacore grip. However, Bullpadel also has many other padel grips in their range, so you can for example also buy high quality overgrips from Bullpadel.

Bullpadel Hesacore

The popular Hesacore grip from Bullpadel is an ergonomic undergrip that you fit on the handle of the padel racket. The grip comes in a honeycomb pattern to give you the largest possible contact area between grip and hand. The large contact area allows your fingers to rest more on the pattern, thereby reducing the amount of force required to grip while minimizing the vibration of the stroke.

What is a Hesacore grip for padel?

Bullpadel's Hesacore grip is a rubber sleeve that you pull up over the racket handle. It has a patterned surface and the rubber helps to reduce vibrations from the stroke, so you spare your elbow. Remember to always put an overgrip on top of your Hesacore grip, as 'a naked Hesacore grip' is not advisable to play with.

Why play padel with a Hesacore grip?

A Hesacore grip reduces vibrations from the stroke down the arm. The Hesacore grip has a special 'honeycomb' pattern which ensures good contact with the racket. Padel players who suffer from overuse injuries such as tennis elbow or wrist injuries use the Hesacore grip to reduce the strain from padel.

Some of Bullpadel's rackets actually come with a Hesacore grip from the start, while others are not born with it. If you are considering buying a racket with a Hesacore grip fitted from the start, you can browse our selection of padel rackets from Bullpadel here.

Bullpadel overgrips

In addition to the popular Hesacore grip, Bullpadel also produces a variety of overgrips for padel rackets.