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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Mizuno Padel Shoes

In both the padel and tennis worlds, Mizuno is renowned for their top quality shoes. Mizuno develops their shoe range based on solid amounts of data and a long series of tests that have brought their padel shoes to the top shelf in terms of stability and shock absorption. Buy Mizuno padel shoes from our selection below.

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    Mizuno Wave Exceed Light AC Padel Shoes

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    The Mizuno Wave Exceed Light AC is one of the lightest men's padel shoes on the market. Designed to give you the best possible suspension and energ...

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    Original Price €135,00
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Mizuno Shoes for Padel

As a serious player in the market, Mizuno has developed different types of shoes for different types of padel players. Your physique and body type have specific requirements for what your shoe should do for you on the padel court, as well as the price, design and court surface are also important parameters when choosing the right padel shoe. That's why we have carefully selected a range of the best padel shoes from Mizuno. Below you can read more about Mizuno's different shoes suitable for padel. 

Why Are Mizuno Shoes Good for Padel?

Mizuno puts countless hours into developing shoes every year, and this has resulted in a number of technologies and features that their shoes are built around. In general, the heel cup on Mizuno's padel shoes is incredibly rigid to ensure your foot is kept stable. In addition, a lot of effort has gone into developing the Wave technology in the midsole, which ensures shock absorption and stability.

Padel Shoes for Your Needs

Mizuno has something for everyone, so whether you're just starting out in padel, a keen recreational player or a tournament player, Mizuno has a padel shoe to suit your needs. As well as different price ranges, features and fits, they also produce shoes to suit the different surfaces used in padel; if the sand is at the top of the surface, go for a clay court outsole (CC), and if the sand is under the carpet as it is in many indoor padel halls, you may want to opt for an all court outsole (AC).

Wave Intense Tour

The Wave Intense Tour series is characterised by being an extremely stable shoe that gives you maximum lateral stability and extra cushioning. If you have a solid build and want a shoe with really good shock absorption and stability, the Wave Intense Tour shoe is one of the best on the market.

Wave Exceed Tour

Another top shoe from Mizuno. Where the Intense Tour is the most solid shoe, the Exceed Tour is more all-round and suits a wide range of different padel players. It is thus more flexible compared to the Intense Tour, and it is 35 grams lighter. Wave Exceed Tour also features Mizuno's best technologies including 5 mm of extra cushioning in the top of the midsole. The sole is also sweat-absorbent and antibacterial.

Exceed Light

The little brother of the Exceed Tour. Here you get an extremely responsive and lightweight shoe for padel that facilitates the fast direction changes. As with the other top models, you get 5mm of extra cushioning in the sole and an extremely rigid heel cup. The upper of the shoe has been made lighter, which also makes it slightly less durable compared to the more solid models. The range is ideal for those who prefer a light and fast shoe.


Perfect for the recreational player. Or for those who have just started playing padel and don't want to spend a fortune on new shoes, but have realised that running shoes or a regular indoor shoe won't do. With a Mizuno Breakshot shoe you get good cushioning and quality at a fair price, but in terms of stability and absorption it doesn't contain all the technologies that the top of the Mizuno collection does.

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