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Welcome to Christmas Sales at Padellife - Save up to 70%!!
Welcome to Christmas Sales at Padellife - Save up to 70%!!

Padel Shoes

A good pair of shoes is one of the most important pieces of equipment in padel. The right padel shoes help you move efficiently on the court and reduce the risk of injury. 

On this page, we've put together our selection of padel tennis shoes. You'll find the best padel shoes from the biggest brands, so you can choose the model that best suits the fit of your foot and the surface you're playing on.

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    Babolat Jet Premura 2 Padel Shoes

    Original Price $200.00
    Current Price $129.00

    The Babolat Jet Premura 2 padel shoe is the direct successor to the best-seller Jet Premura. Babolat has retained the shoe's hallmarks from previou...

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    Original Price $200.00
    Current Price $129.00
    Save 36%
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    FZ Forza Leander Padel Shoes

    Original Price $105.00
    Current Price $74.00

    FZ Forza Leander Padel Shoes. Affordable padel shoe from Danish FZ Forza. If you are just starting out in padel, or if you play in running shoes or...

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    Original Price $105.00
    Current Price $74.00
    Save 30%

Find the Right Padel Shoe for Your Needs

At Padellife, we are specialists in padel and we enjoy playing the sport. That's why we know the importance of the right shoe on the padel court. We are ready to guide you in buying your next pair of padel shoes, whether you buy online or in our physical padel store in Copenhagen.   

It is very individual which padel shoe is best, but there are certain aspects of the shoe that are important to consider. That's why you can sort our selection on this page by shoe fit, shock absorption and sole.  

Shoes for padel tennis need to fit somewhat tightly so you avoid twisting your ankle when you have those sudden changes of direction on the padel court. That's one of the reasons why it's a no-go to play padel in running shoes. With a proper padel shoe, you get a sole that helps you stand firmly on the court surface. And you get the necessary shock absorption in the heel and stability in the sides. 

If you already know which model and size you use, you can order it safely at right away. However, you should be aware that padel shoes should not be too big. The shoe you play padel in should fit snugly to your foot, so that you avoid twisting in the shoe during the lateral movements. 

If you want in-depth information on the best shoes for padel tennis, read our ultimate guide to padel shoes.

Choose Your Padel Shoes from the Best Brands

Besides going for padel shoes that fit well and give you support in the right places, design and brand obviously matter too. Some of our most popular brands in padel shoes are Mizuno, Babolat and Adidas. If you've already settled on a particular brand, you can sort the shoes by brand on this page. You'll find a wide range of padel shoes for different prices, foot shapes and playing surfaces.    

If you're a bargain hunter, this is also the page to look for discounts on padel shoes. We regularly have sales on several brands of padel shoes, so there are great discounts for you. 

Padel shoes are in the same price range as shoes for other racket sports like tennis, badminton and squash, so it can be tempting to use the same shoes for different sports. However, you should be aware that it is not necessarily a good idea to use the same shoe for both padel and tennis or badminton. The sole of the shoe wears very differently on the different types of surface (for example, mondo in padel, clay in tennis and wooden floor in badminton) and as the movement pattern is also different, you risk wearing out your new shoes much faster. 

5 important considerations for choosing the right padel shoe

There are various parameters to consider when choosing a padel shoe. Below we have selected 5 of the most important things to consider.

1) The sole of the padel shoe

The sole of your shoe is extremely important in padel. It must ensure that you stand firmly on the court, which is why it is important that you choose a padel shoe that is suitable for the surface you are playing on.

If you play on padel courts where the sand is at the top of the surface, shoes with the so-called herringbone pattern on the sole are a good place to start. These are typically shoes that can also be used for clay court tennis, which is why you also see the term "clay court" (abbreviated CC) on this type of shoe.

If you are one of those who book courts in different padel centers, you will probably play on different types of artificial grass, which is why it may be a wise choice with a more all-round padel shoe. If you are looking for a padel shoe that is suitable for different conditions, look for shoes with "all court" soles (AC for short).

Finally, there are also padel shoes with soles specifically designed for playing on Mondo surfaces. Mondo is the official supplier of artificial grass surfaces for the World Padel Tour, and many padel courts also have the blue Supercourt artificial turf.

Be sure to look at the bottom of the shoe to get an idea of the grip you can get.

2) Stability 

In padel, you have many quick changes of direction, which is why the lateral stability of the shoe is of great importance. If you want to prevent injuries and reduce the pressure on your joints and ankles, you may want to look for padel shoes with a strong heel cup and solid construction to avoid injury.

For many, it can be tempting to use an old running shoe or indoor shoe for padel, but in the long run, a more robust shoe will save you a trip to the hospital and just generally give you the best conditions to move effectively on the court.

3) Comfort

Spending many hours on the padel court can lead to fatigue and soreness in your feet. Make sure you choose a shoe for padel tennis that offers the necessary relief and comfort to make it easier to wear for longer periods of time.

You will reduce the risk of blisters and calluses if you choose footwear that works. It should be comfortable, yet stable, with a good fit and allow you to give it your all on the court.

4) Shock absorption

If you have a solid build, play often or need to prevent injuries, it's super important that you choose a pair of padel shoes with extra cushioning. It helps you maintain good balance, posture and the optimal center of gravity to perform the dynamic movements required.

5) Durability

In padel, you wear your shoes relatively hard due to the movement pattern and the surface of the court. Therefore, consider padel shoes with good durability and a sole that retains its pattern even after heavy use. In general, the solidly built padel shoes with strong heel caps and heel areas have a longer lifespan than the lightweight shoes, but there can be a big difference from brand to brand and person to person, so when it comes to durability, we recommend that you seek expert advice so you don't end up in the wrong padel shoe.

Want a Recommendation or Help with Padel Shoes?

Not sure which shoe to choose or want a recommendation for a shoe that suits your needs? You are always welcome to contact us on +45 28 92 72 20 or send an email to We will help you find the best padel shoe. You can also stop by our padel store at H.C Ørsteds Vej 39B, 1879 Frederiksberg, where you have the opportunity to try out our selection of shoes.

Which Padel Shoe Should I Choose?

When choosing a padel shoe, the most important factors are the fit of the shoe, your own physique and the type of surface you typically play padel on. A padel shoe should have a very precise fit on your foot, so it is also important that you try the shoe before you buy it. Expect it to expand in the width when you play in it. 

How Long Does a Padel Shoe Last?

If you play twice a week, a padel shoe will typically last for a year. Padel is a sport with many dynamic movements and changes of direction, so you wear your shoes relatively hard compared to many other sports.   

Can You Play Padel in Running Shoes?

We strongly advise you to not play padel in running shoes. A running shoe does not give you the support and stability that a padel shoe does. In padel you have many direction changes and fast start and stop movements, so the right shoe for padel is of great importance to allow you to move optimally and reduce the risk of injury.   

Can You Play Padel in Tennis Shoes?

Padel shoes and tennis shoes are closely related. If you have a clay court tennis shoe, it will work well on padel courts where the sand is at the top of the surface. On padel courts with the so-called mondo surface, where the sand is not visible, a padel shoe or a shoe with an all court sole would be the better solution.