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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!


Do you find it diffucult to hold on to your racket when you're sweating on the padel court? Toalson's overgrips could be the solution for you. Whether you prefer a sticky, tacky surface, a dry or a wet feel, Toalson has the perfect overgrip for your padel racket. Explore our selection from Toalson on this page.

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    Toalson Ultra Grip (1 piece, Black)

    Original Price €4,00
    Current Price €3,35

    Toalson Ultra Grip (1 piece, Black) Thickness: 0.5 mmWidth: 27 mmLength: 1150 mm Made to improve your racket control Super thin (0.5 mm) for high ...

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    Original Price €4,00
    Current Price €3,35
    Save 16%

Buy the best padel overgrips from Toalson at Mypadellife

With an overgrip from Toalson, you are guaranteed the best conditions for optimal contact with the shaft of your padel racket. When you give it your all on the court, many people experience that sweat runs from the arm into the hand, causing the racket to slide in the hand. This results in an unstable contact with the ball and often an inaccurate shot. The right overgrip for your padel racket can remedy this problem. At Padellife we have carefully selected our favorite grips from Toalson, so you can keep a firm grip on the padel racket.

Where is Toalson from?

Toalson is a Japanese company that produces and sells equipment for racket sports. They make rackets, bags, grips and strings for badminton, tennis and squash, and not least Toalson's overgrips have become popular in padel.

The company was founded in Japan in 1956 under the name Toa Co., Ltd. where their core product for a number of years was strings for tennis and badminton. The product range was later expanded and in 2017 the company changed its trading name to Toalson.

Which overgrips does Toalson make?

Toalson offers different types of high-quality grips for the racket sports market. Especially their overgrips are preferred by many padel players, and you get Toalson in packs of 3 pieces and up to 30 pieces if you want to save money on buying grips in larger quantities. Toalson's range of overgrips that work perfectly for your padel racket includes:

  • Ultra grip
  • Power grip
  • Neo Quick grip
  • Volcanic grip