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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!


SmellWell's products are for those who want to extend the life of their padel shoes and clothing by preventing odours and bacteria. For example, you can buy scent fresheners for your shoes and bags that absorb moisture and neutralise odours in your sportswear. Check out our range from SmellWell on this page.

Buy SmellWell at Padellife

Do you experience odours in your padel shoes or clothing? If so, SmellWell is the answer to your problem. They produce effective scent fresheners for shoes, bags and clothes, so you can prevent your favourite padel clothes from smelling bad even after several washes. By using SmellWell's products, you contribute to an increased durability of your clothes and to a sustainable development, where we use our things for longer and don't buy new ones shortly after.

What is SmellWell?

SmellWell is a Swedish company founded in 2012 that aims to develop groundbreaking and climate-friendly products that reduce or eliminate odours from your sportswear. Through the belief that every person wants to keep their favourite sportswear fresh and to make it last as long as possible, SmellWell wants to help you and our planet by ensuring that we as consumers don't have to buy new clothes all the time. Instead, we should take better care of our current clothes and contribute to a sustainable future for our planet.

What products does SmellWell make?

The SmellWell range includes shoe fresheners and bags for storing sweaty shoes and sportswear.

Freshener Bag

With a SmellWell Freshener Bag you can do something extra good for your shoes or clothes. The Freshener Bag absorbs moisture, neutralises odours and even prevents unwanted odours and bacteria from forming.


SmellWell's Active Inserts are small inserts that can be moulded as needed and placed in your shoes, bag or even in a boxing glove. The small scent fresheners remove odours and bacteria from your sportswear and help prolong the life of your clothes.

If you are considering buying a new pair of padel shoes to use your SmellWell inserts in, you can browse our full range of shoes here.

Do SmellWell fresheners work?

SmellWell's products have been developed and thorougly tested by researchers in Sweden. The company's products have gained popularity in recent years and are now sold in more than 6,000 shops.