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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Padel Clothing

Are you looking for some new, stylish padel clothes? Then you have come to the right place - whether you are looking for men's padel clothing or women's padel clothing. At Mypadellife you can shop your favorite clothes from several of the biggest padel brands, including Babolat, Bullpadel and Adidas.

Because what do you actually wear for padel? We offer everything from skirts, tops, shorts and T-shirts to tracksuits, sweatshirts and training jackets for padel - padel clothing that gives you the best mobility for your padel match. Check out our selection of women's and men's padel clothing on this page, or learn more about your choice of padel clothing below.

Men's padel clothing

Men's padel T-shirts

Men's polo shirts and t-shirts should be comfortable to wear while playing padel to allow for smooth movements on the court. They should be made of lightweight and sweat absorbant materials so that they do not become heavy to wear when you sweat.

At Mypadellife you can find padel clothing from padel specialized Spanish brands such as Nox and Bullpadel - alternatively, Adidas padel clothing or clothing from Mizuno can be the best padel clothing for you.

Padel shorts for men

Men's padel shorts should be comfortable to wear and be able to wick away sweat. They should also have pockets with space enough for a padel ball, so that you have a new ball close at hand if the first serve should slip. It can slow down the flow of the padel match if the server has to spend time fetching an extra ball.

At Padellife, we have gathered a range of padel shorts that all give you the best movement for your padel match.

Women's padel clothing

Padel tops and dresses for women

It is of great importance that your clothes fit well so that you get a good movement when playing padel tennis. Tops and dresses for padel should fit tightly, but at the same time be flexible and sweat-absorbing so that you can move freely when your heart rate rises.

We have therefore carefully selected a range of the best women's padel clothing tailored to give you the best movement on the padel court.

Women's padel skirts

Our range of women's padel clothing also includes a wide range of skirts to match the padel tops on this page. In addition to color and design, fit and comfort are very important when choosing a skirt. Again, the keyword is freedom of movement so that you can feel free and comfortable, even in the outer positions when you fight for victory on the padel court.


What to wear for padel?

The most important thing about padel clothing is that you feel comfortable in it. We recommend that you play padel tennis in clothes that are lightweight and made from sweat absorbant materials to give you the best mobility on the court.

Padel tennis has its roots in the sport of tennis and is therefore seen as a "gentleman's sport". Elegant clothing is often seen on the court, such as polos, skirts, and dresses.

What clothes give you the best mobility?

Clothes provide the best mobility if they are neither too tight nor too loose. In paddle tennis, you are constantly moving and often find yourself in extreme positions. Your padel clothing should therefore allow you to bend and stretch all your body parts without any problems.

Buy your padel clothing at Padellife - and get the best mobility

At Padellife, we have gathered a wide range of women's padel clothing and men's padel clothing so you can dress well for the padel match. Our padel clothing gives you the best mobility on the court, so you can give your opponent a run for their money.

If you have questions about our products or need advice and guidance, you are always welcome to contact us.