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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!


Have you suffered a padel injury or do you want to prevent injuries? Then SRX sports injury products are just what you're looking for. On this page, you can buy products for the relief or prevention of injuries that can occur as a result of padel. Check out our selection from SRX on this page.

  • SRX Shoulder Bandage


    The SRX 810 Shoulder Bandage provides anatomical support and compression of the shoulder joint. It is suitable for those who have pain in the shoul...

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About SRX

SRX produces a variety of products to prevent and relieve sports injuries. Their range includes knee supports, elbow sleeves and wrist straps, as well as shoulder bandages and ankle support. If you're looking for compression socks, SRX can also supply this.

Prevent padel injuries with SRX

If you, like so many others, have become crazy about padel, you may also have experienced that you occasionally need to take a break from the padel courts, even though you really just want to play through. As a padel player, you sometimes experience challenges with your body in one way or another. Therefore, a support bandage for, for example, knee or elbow can be the solution for many players instead of taking a padel break. SRX produces various quality products that help you keep your body ready for padel.

What types of injuries can you get from padel?

Common injuries in padel are overuse injuries in the elbow, wrist or shoulder. Padel is a sport with many, fast changes of direction, putting the ankle and knee to the test. Additionally, the strain of padel can affect the shoulder or back.