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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Padel Balls

The right choice of padel ball is essential to have the best experience on the court. There are balls designed for practice or tournament use, and they come at different speeds. 

Below you will find our selection of padel tennis balls. We have balls to suit every occasion, so you can find the padel ball that best suits your level of play and the conditions at your favourite padel centre.

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    Babolat Ace Padel Balls (3 Pcs.)

    Original Price €10,00
    Current Price €8,00

    The Babolat Ace is a fast ball approved by the International Padel Federation. It's ideal for use in cooler halls, on outdoor courts or if you simp...

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    Original Price €10,00
    Current Price €8,00
    Save 20%
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    Wilson X3 Padel Balls (Tube of 3 pcs)

    Original Price €7,93
    Current Price €5,38

    Wilson X3 Padel Balls (Tube of 3 pcs) The Wilson X3 series comes in a regular (red) and a speed version (black). This way you can choose the right ...

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    Original Price €7,93
    Current Price €5,38
    Save 32%

We Find the Best Padel Ball for Your Level and Venue

If you're looking for the best padel ball for your needs, we are happy to help. At Padellife we are specialists in padel tennis equipment and our goal is to be your preferred padel expert. We are happy to guide you in your choice of padel ball, so you always have the best conditions to get the most out of the game. 

The choice of ball depends primarily on your level of play and the conditions in your padel centre - not least whether you play indoors or outdoors. The court conditions place different demands on the speed of the padel balls, which is why you can also sort the balls according to speed.

If you seek in-depth information about padel balls including the different types of padel balls, their durability and how you can extend their lifespan, you can read much more in our ultimate guide to padel balls.

Shop Padel Balls from the Popular Brands

As padel specialists, we pride ourselves on offering a strong selection of padel balls so there's something for everyone, regardless of playing level, venue or preference. In our range of balls, brands like Head, Babolat and RS are very popular. Alternatively, you can filter the display of padel tennis balls by brand on this page to show only your favourite brands.  

As a padel ball loses its pressure over time and thus gradually bounces lower, you should replace them regularly. Playing with soft and worn balls makes the sport much harder and you won't get the most out of your padel. If you buy several balls at a time, you can often get them at reduced prices, including volume discounts for buying many tubes at once. Keep an eye on this page, where we often run some great deals on padel balls. 

Need Help or Guidance Choosing Padel Balls?

If you're unsure which padel ball to choose, we're here to guide you. Feel free to send an email to We will help you find the best padel ball for your needs.

What Is the Difference between Padel Balls and Tennis Balls?

Padel balls have a lower pressure than tennis balls and therefore have a lower bounce. The size and weight of padel and tennis balls are almost the same (a padel ball may be slightly larger and weigh a few grams more), but a tennis ball is significantly faster due to the higher pressure. 

Can Tennis Balls Be Used for Padel?

It is not recommended to play padel with a tennis ball because padel is a slower game than tennis. The pressure of the tennis ball is higher and it will therefore bounce a lot more and be harder to control than a padel ball.  

How Long Does a Padel Ball Last?

A padel ball lasts on average for 4 hours of play. After that, it will have lost so much pressure that it will bounce less, changing the nature of the game. Be careful not to play too many times with the same balls, as you simply won't get much play out of a worn and flat ball.

Which Padel Balls Are Best?

It's an individual preference which padel ball is best for you. There are normal speed padel balls such as Head Padel Pro, Nox Pro Titanium or Babolat Padel Tour. If you play outdoors or in cold padel centres, you can choose a faster padel ball such as Head Padel Pro S or RS Champions Choice.