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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!


Since the early nineties, Varlion, with Argentinian and Spanish roots, has emphasized innovation and technology in their products. Varlion has thus contributed to the development of the padel rackets we see today having experimented with the hexagonal racket head shape and the elongated holes in selected padel rackets through their innovative Airflow technology. See Padellife's selection of Varlion padel rackets below.

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    Varlion LW Summum Prisma W Padel Racket

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    Varlion LW Summum Prisma W is a top control bat targeted at intermediate and professional players. The control you get especially from a round head...

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    Original Price €403,00
    Current Price €290,00
    Save 28%

Varlion - a dedicated padel brand

Varlion is a high end brand in padel whose mission is to be a leader in the production of premium padel rackets. In striving to achieve this position, Varlion develops padel equipment based on the motto "The revolution never ends", which emphasizes their ongoing focus on constant development and improvement.

Argentinian and Spanish roots

1993 was the year of the founding of Varlion, which took place in Argentina, opening its first factory in Buenos Aires. Here, founder Felix Regalia was able to oversee the development of Varlion's first model of their popular 'Lethal Weapon' padel racket. Shortly before the turn of the millennium, the move of the production facilities to Spain began in 1999 to focus even more on cutting-edge technology.

Varlion's innovation and technology

In the early years of the new millennium, Varlion continued to develop its innovative technologies, including the use of robotics to expand its product range to include textiles, shoes and padel accessories.

2008 marked a cornerstone in Varlion's history when the padel brand launched the 'Avant' and 'Canon Hexagon', which was the start of padel rackets with hexagonal head shapes. In recent years, Varlion has continued the innovation of padel rackets with, among other technologies, their revolutionary Prisma frame, Bourne hybrid head shape and Airflow, which are the elongated holes in the frame of the racket that allow air to pass through the racket more easily. You can see our full range of Varlion padel rackets here.