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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!


A surprisingly high proportion of padel players struggle with overuse injuries in the elbow, wrist or shoulder. Choosing the best grip, which often includes an undergrip or an ergonomic grip and an overgrip, can be an effective way to prevent padel injuries. Shox has developed different types of grips that reduce the vibrations from the racket. Browse our selection of Show grips on this page.

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    Shox Padel is a small Swedish startup that has dedicated all their energy to innovating products that help protect the padel player's most importan...

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Buy Shox padel equipment at Padellife

As a padel player, you often look for the small things that can improve your performance. The right grip can be exactly the small improvement that makes the big difference. Shox produces ergonomic grips in different hardnesses, the purpose of which is to give you the desired feel with your padel racket and to dampen the vibrations from the stroke in order to protect your body. If you are in doubt about whether you should buy a new grip for your racket, you can always get help and guidance from us at Padellife. If you want to learn more about grips in general, you can also dive into our ultimate guide to padel grips.

What is Shox padel?

Shox is a Swedish company whose focus is to develop products that improve your experience in padel. The Swedish company is particularly strong in grips, as their range includes ergonomic grips, undergrips and overgrips for your padel racket.

Shox Lamina ergonomic grips for padel

Shox Lamina is an ergonomic grip that dampens vibrations and reduces the risk of elbow, shoulder and wrist injuries. Shox Lamina is available in 3 different types; Soft, medium and hard. The grip weighs 16-17 grams and should be placed on your padel racket with an overgrip on top of it.

Which Shox Lamina grip is right for me?

If you are unsure which of the Shox Lamina grips to choose, here is a brief overview of the different versions:

  • Shox Lamina Soft: Suitable for control and for those who prefer a softer grip.
  • Shox Lamina Medium: For those who want a middle ground between Soft and Hard.
  • Shox Lamina Hard: Suitable for the aggressive player who prefers a harder feel in the grip.