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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!


In a short time, Cork has achieved a strong position in the minds of many padel players. The brand is especially known for padel rackets with a focus on quality, innovation and anti-vibration. The latter in particular is a sought-after feature for many players who suffer from overuse arm injuries such as tennis elbow. Check out our selection of padel equipment from Cork on this page.

About Cork Padel

With roots in Portugal, Cork produces high-quality padel equipment for large parts of the padel world. Their products are developed with quality, innovation and player well-being in mind. Design, quality and unique features go hand in hand at Cork. The brand's padel rackets in particular are in high demand. They are specifically designed to protect the player's arm and elbow as much as possible. You can read more about this in the next section.

Cork Padel Rackets

There are several good reasons why Cork padel rackets have become so popular. Firstly, the brand has an ambition to offer rackets that are ideal for the player's well-being. This includes the racket's vibration-dampening technologies. The ergonomic design and materials of the racket's frame and core have been selected to reduce the risk of tennis elbow. If you play padel twice a week or more, the shock absorption will really make a difference. Cork's purpose in this respect is that you can enjoy both longer and more intense matches without having to worry about arm injuries.

Secondly, durability is an aspect that the brand prides itself on. According to Cork, their padel rackets last up to 4 times longer than other brands on the market. The rackets are handmade in Portugal and should be seen as a long-lasting investment in your padel. They are made from materials such as cork, carbon fiber, fiberglass and the elastic material Innegra. 

Thirdly, Cork padel rackets stand out on the design front, both in terms of color combination and specifications. Whether you want control, power or something in between, Cork has a padel racket for you. In the Portuguese Cork racket range, you'll find the Classic, Light, Premium and Supreme series. Each racket has a precise weight indication and is uniquely numbered, giving it its own personal touch with a hint of exclusivity.

Which Padel Rackets Do Cork Make?

There are the following padel rackets in the Cork range:

  • Cork Padel - Classic
  • Cork Padel - Premium Control II
  • Cork Padel - Premium Hybrid II
  • Cork Padel - Supreme Control III
  • Cork Padel - Supreme Hybrid III
  • Cork Padel - Supreme Power III
  • Cork Padel - Extreme Red Limited Edition
  • Cork Padel - Extreme Green Limited Edition

FAQ about Cork Padel

At Mypadellife we often get questions about Cork padel rackets. Here are the most frequently asked questions about Cork:

Do Cork make good padel rackets?

Cork has a strong focus on quality and innovation in their padel rackets. In terms of price, they are on the more expensive end, but in return you get vibration-damping technologies, great design and high quality.

What's so special about Cork padel rackets?

Cork is especially known for producing padel rackets with an effective anti-vibration system that reduces elbow and shoulder strain.

Are Cork padel rackets durable?

Durability is an element that Cork Padel really cares about. Cork bats are handmade from quality materials in Portugal, where design and tradition go hand in hand.

Where does Cork Padel come from?

Cork is a high-end padel brand that comes from Portugal.