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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!


Osaka is a Japanese-inspired sports brand that produces and develops high-quality padel equipment. Minimalism, simplicity and clean lines are at the forefront of the padel gear from Osaka - whether it is shoes, padel rackets, clothing or bags. See our selection of Osaka Padel on this page.

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    Osaka Pro Tour LTD Tech 2022 Padel Racket

    Original Price €355,00
    Current Price €245,00

    The Osaka Pro Tour LTD Tech 2022 is a high-end, teardrop shaped racket produced in a limited edition. It is aimed at the quality conscious player w...

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    Original Price €355,00
    Current Price €245,00
    Save 31%

Japanese minimalism with Osaka padel equipment

The Osaka brand was founded in 2011 with the desire to unite the world of sport with lifestyle. Named after one of the largest cities in Japan to pay tribute to Japanese aesthetics, design and culture, Osaka Padel is therefore characterized by being minimalist and functional.

In the spirit of minimalism, Osaka offers two different main shapes of padel rackets: the round and the teardrop-shaped. This also means that Osaka has put all the energy into developing and optimizing the two shapes so that Osaka padel rackets exude perfection.

Osaka padel rackets for beginners and professionals

Osaka offer padel rackets designed for beginners, recreational players, advanced players and professionals. The Japanese-bound company has divided their padel rackets into different series according to your playing level.

Osaka Deshi padel rackets

The Deshi series from Osaka Padel contains padel rackets for beginners who want a racket with great comfort at a good price. The Deshi rackets are built with fiberglass in the surface with a large sweetspot and a soft core, which makes the racket easy to handle and play with.

Osaka Vision padel rackets

The Vision series from Osaka Padel is aimed at intermediate level players. The Vision series allows for greater power in your strokes as they are made with carbon fibers instead of glass fibers. The materials in Osaka Vision are solid and they are also the lightest rackets in Osaka's range. Osaka Padel has also launched a Vision Pro series, where both quality and performance have been turned up extra high.

Osaka Pro Tour padel rackets

The Pro series from Osaka is primarily for advanced and professional players. Pro bats from Osaka give you the optimal effect in your strokes due to the highest quality carbon materials, and at the same time the bat allows you to set the strokes to perfection. Due to the harder core, it also places higher demands on how accurately you hit the ball. Osaka Padel has also developed a top series of padel rackets based on years of research and expertise. Osaka Pro Tour LTD padel rackets are unique and come in a limited selection.

Browse our full range of Osaka padel rackets here.

Buy padel equipment from Osaka at Padellife

At Padellife, we have gathered a selection of the best padel equipment from Osaka so you can battle it out on the padel court with confidence. If you have any questions about our products or need guidance and advice, you are always more than welcome to contact us.