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Welcome to Padellife - the biggest padel nerds in the World
Welcome to Padellife - the biggest padel nerds in the World


Constrictor is a Spanish startup that has invented a small foam piece that is applied to the wrist strap of the padel racket. This ensures that the strap can be tightened around the wrist so that the racket does not fall out of your hand during play. Buy a constrictor for your padel racket on this page.

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    Are you also tired of the strap on your bat always slipping up, so that the bat is not secured to your hand anyway? Are you tired of your bat just ...

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What is a constrictor in padel?

A constrictor is a small device that you use to tighten the padel racket's wrist strap. Most rackets are born with a wrist strap, however, some rackets from Adidas and Starvie for example come without a strap, so you have to buy a constrictor yourself if you want to be able to adjust the wrist strap to your needs.

What do I do if the wrist strap on my padel racket is broken?

If you have the misfortune to break the strap on your padel racket, it can easily be replaced. Most padel brands even produce extra wrist straps that you buy and fit yourself to your padel racket.

If it is "just" the small constrictor that is broken (or missing) on the wrist strap, you can buy a constrictor for a very cheap price. You can fit the constrictor yourself, or alternatively we will be happy to help you fit it correctly at Padellife.