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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Adidas Adipower Multiweight CTRL 3.3 Padel Racket

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The Adidas Adipower Multiweight CTRL 3.3 is the successor to the Adipower Multiweight CTRL, which saw the light of day in 2023. Now the 2024 collection has arrived in new clothes in the form of Adipower Multiweight 3.3.

On the World Padel Tour, the racket is used by the padel star, Alex Ruiz. The Adidas Adipower Multiweight CTRL 3.3 is characterized by a round head and an extra stiff frame using the Power Embossed Ridge and Dual eXoskeleton technologies. This mix gives the advanced defender superior control and precision when hitting the ball in the sweet spot.

Unlike the majority of the Adipower range, the Adipower Multiweight has been spoiled with the weight and balance system, which you may already know from the Adidas Metalbone collection. The system means that you can remove or change the position of 6 small screws and thus change the weight and balance of the bat to adapt it to your specific needs.

Weight: 355-365 grams

Adidas Adipower Multiweight CTRL 3.3 is the racket for the experienced and technically strong player who excels in defensive and precise shots on the padel court.

Technologies Applied in Adidas Adipower Multiweight CTRL 3.3

EVA High Memory

The racket's core is made of high memory EVA rubber providing you with extra power due to its greater memory. This is the highest density of the three types of foam that Adidas works with in their top rackets. Adidas' rackets with this type of rubber is marked with a red cap.

Carbon 18K

Adidas operates with 8 different types of fibres, each type having different properties that influence the power and control ratio of the racket. This racket is produced with high density carbon fibres providing you with lots of power. 

Dual eXoskeleton

This technology characterises the Adipower series, where the heart of the racket is reinforced, so you get maximum transfer of energy in each shot. 

Power Embossed Ridge

The outside of the frame is reinforced with carbon nerves for greater stiffness. The aim is to give the aggressive player more power.

Spin Blade Decal

In the Adipower series, Adidas uses their Spin Blade Decal technology, which is a surface structure that enables you to put more spin into the ball and provides an additional feeling of control.

Smart Holes Curve

A strategic placement of the racket's hole pattern that optimizes sweetspot and grip of the ball.

Structural Reinforcement

The entire racket head has been reinforced to make it even more durable and resistant to the stress and torsion that the material is exposed to.

Weight & Balance System

Adidas' innovative weight & balance system with 6 small screws weighing a total of 12 grams, which you can reposition or remove to adjust the balance of the rakcet to perfectly suit your preferences. Please note that the weights are placed higher up on the racket in the Adipower Multiweight series (partly higher up in the racket head and partly right at the top) than in the Metalbone series. When the weights are in, the racket's balance is at the top, giving it more power. If you remove the weights, the balance shifts towards the bottom for more control.

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Playing styleControl player
SurfaceRough surface