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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Head Radical Elite 2024 Padel Racket

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Head Radical Elite 2024 is part of Head's new teardrop-shaped Radical series. The idea behind the racket is to offer more control than Head's previous versions of their teardrop-shaped racket. This is achieved through a reduced weight of 365 grams and by shifting the weight balance slightly downwards in the racket. The fiberglass surface gives you a soft touch in the ball contact and is easier on your elbow compared to a carbon surface. The target audience for the Head Radical 2024 racket is players from intermediate to advanced players.

Compared to the other two rackets in the Radical series, Pro and Motion, the Radical Elite has the softest surface. The fiberglass material makes contact with the ball more forgiving and comfortable, and makes it easy to create power without using too much effort yourself.

Weight: 365 grams

Technologies of the Head Radical Elite 2024

Control Foam

The foam in the core of the racket is Head's 'Control Foam', which ensures an enhanced sweetspot and feeling in your ball strikes.

Smart Bridge

The bridge of the racket is specifically designed to support the characteristics of the racket and give you maximum benefit in every stroke.

Optimized Sweetspot

The hole pattern is developed to enhance the characteristics of the racket and optimize the sweetspot.

Soft Butt Cap

This technology involves shock-absorbing rubber implemented at the bottom of the shaft. It reduces vibration up through the grip and spares your arm and elbow.

Tailored Frame

The frame construction is produced from small tube sections which are individually designed to give the racket the best possible performance.


The racket is made with auxetic materials that expand when stretched and subjected to pressure. This improves contact with the ball at the moment of impact.

Graphene Inside

The frame of the racket is strengthened in specific areas to provide more stability and increased power transfer in the stroke.

CoverNot included
Playing styleControl player
SurfaceMat surface