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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Oxdog Ultimate Pro Padel Racket

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With the Oxdog Ultimate Pro, you're guaranteed a top-of-the-line padel racket packed with hitting power and smart technologies to take your game to the next level. The power comes from the racket's headheavy balance and diamond shape, which allows you to generate tremendous pressure in your attacking shots.

In addition, the racket is produced with an HES carbon that reacts quickly, thus transferring energy faster while also increasing the durability of the frame. Uniquely, Oxdog's SilentSpeed technology reduces the sound of the ball being hit - a nice detail that makes it easier to maintain focus on the most important thing, winning the rally.

Compared to the Oxdog Ultimate Pro+ racket, the Oxdog Ultimate Pro is not nearly as powerful, as it is made with a medium/hard foam and 5 grams lighter than the + edition. Thus, Oxdog ranks their Ultimate Pro+ racket as pure power, while the Ultimate Pro version is ranked as power-control.

The racket's surface is 'tacky' to give you extra touch and grip on the ball. Furthermore, nothing has been spared in the development of the racket's design: the many innovative technologies are elegantly presented in gold and black shades adding an elegance to the racket.

Weight: 365 grams

Oxdog Ultimate Series

The Ultimate is Oxdog's power series, with an innovative diamond shape to give you plenty of power in your game. The series is designed for the attacking padel player who loves to put the opponents under pressure and conquer the initiative in the rallies.



Oxdog pride themselves on being among the leaders on the technology front, and they has indeed managed to implement some highly interesting features that are all focused towards helping you take your padel to the next level.



Located at the top of the racket head, Oxdog have placed their PowerRibs, which ensure you have more hitting power without having to use more effort. The technology involves the PowerRibs™ in combination with Oxdog's High Energy System™ carbon transferring the power of your stroke at a higher speed.

RBS - Racket Balance System

Oxdog's Racket Balance System (RBS) includes two removable weights that allow you to change the weight and balance of the racket to suit your personal preferences. For example, this allows you to reduce the weight of the racket and make it even more maneuverable.

DSH - Double Size Hole Pattern

The Double Size Hole Pattern gives you significantly improved contact with the ball. When you hit outside the sweetspot, many top rackets punish you with a worse contact with the ball, however this technology improves playability outside the sweetspot while maximizing your power.


In addition to improving contact with the ball outside the sweetspot, Oxdog's Vibradamp system ensures less vibration in the racket. Vibradamp includes that the racket is built with a three-layer design that reduces stress on your wrist, elbow and shoulder. If you want to prevent injuries in these areas, or if you already struggle with them, the Oxdog padel racket is a great option.

BalanceHead heavy
CoverNot included
Playing stylePower player
SurfaceMat surface