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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Pro Kennex Kinetic Legend Pro Padel Racket

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The Pro Kennex Legend Pro Padel racket is suitable for those who want to get their first "real" padel racket made of full graphite.

The racket is the next step on the "racket ladder", where most people typically start out with a full/part fiberglass racket for around 300-800 kr. This racket is located in the next level category featuring the full graphite rackets.

The Legend Pro racket is made with a round head shape and an even balance, helping the player achieve great control in all shots on the court. The sweetspot is located centrally in the racket and is relatively large, making the racket very easy to play with. The medium soft core even provides a bit of trampoline effect when hitting the ball, which helps to add power to your shot.

Furthermore, the racket features the kinetic technology, which is small pieces of lead inside the racket that counteract vibrations from the ball strike. In this way, the player avoids vibrations, which may result in e.g. tennis elbow or golf elbow. You can faintly feel the material work at the moment of hitting, but you get used to it quickly. The Kinetic technology is also available in the Pro Kennex Kinetic Focus Pro, which is the diamond-shaped edition of this racket.

The racket is a great choice for those who play to outmaneuver their opponents with control and precision, for example, in lobs. If your style of play is attacking, then you should take a look at the Pro Kennex Kinetic Focus Pro instead, as it offers more impact.

BalanceHead light
CoverNot included
Playing styleAll-round
SurfaceMat surface