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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Oxdog Hyper Padel Rackets

The Hyper series comprises Oxdog's all-round rackets. They are teardrop-shaped padel rackets that combine power, control and technology. The purpose of Oxdog Hyper is to create padel rackets with technologies that reduce air resistance and increase maneuverability and comfort. Discover our range of Oxdog Hyper padel rackets below.

Buy Oxdog Hyper rackets at Mypadellife

With a padel racket in the Hyper series, you can expect a well-balanced padel racket that gives you something to offer in both defensive and offensive game sequences. You can buy Oxdog's Hyper rackets here at, or you can drop by our physical padel store at Åboulevard 15 in Copenhagen, Denmark, where you can experience the Oxdog Hyper rackets for yourself. If you're curious about the full range of Oxdog rackets, you can see them here.

Which padel rackets does the Oxdog Hyper series consist of?

Oxdog's Hyper padel rackets provide the padel player with a well-chosen mix of power and control. The series includes the following padel rackets:

  • Oxdog Hyper Pro 2.0
  • Oxdog Hyper Tour 2.0
  • Oxdog Hyper Match 2.0