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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Oxdog Padel Rackets

Oxdog has managed to raise awareness of their products in a short time through innovative technologies and functional details, each of which contributes to improving your performance on the padel court. The Swedish brand's range of padel rackets in the Ultimate, Hyper and Sense series therefore appears well thought-out and in an exclusive design. Order your new Oxdog padel racket today in our exclusive selection on this page!

About Oxdog

Oxdog is one of the newer players on the padel market, yet they have managed to stand out in a short time through innovative technologies and a 'no nonsense' approach. The brand with Swedish roots has thus made it its mission to translate cutting-edge technology into usable features in their impressive range of padel rackets.

In Oxdog's padel rackets, the key lies in the details that come together to create high-quality products. An Oxdog padel racket excels through a number of well thought out features. These include the reduction of vibrations to benefit the elbow and shoulder, and an innovative weight system allowing you to change the weight and balance of the racket. The ambitious manufacturer has much more in the pipeline, and as they say: "Work continues... Others will follow!" At Padellife you will find a large selection of the best padel rackets from Oxdog on this page.

Oxdog Padel Rackets

The combination of innovative technologies and optimal playing capabilities characterizes Oxdog's rackets. They don't just add technology for technology's sake, but implement details in their rackets that actually make a difference to you as a player. Therefore, Oxdog's mantra of 'no nonsense' high quality products also makes a lot of sense.

Oxdog's Range of Padel Rackets

As a serious player in the padel market, Oxdog offers padel rackets for all playing levels and player types. Besides offering rackets with different headshapes and weight distributions, Oxdog has divided their padel rackets into different playing levels.


Oxdog's Pro rackets are aimed at advanced players and are generally made of harder foam. This means that the core of the Pro rackets is harder compared to Oxdog's other ranges. If you hit the ball consistently in the sweetspot, the Pro rackets will reward you in spades with an eminent output.


The Tour rackets are just below the Pro rackets in Oxdog's range and are also aimed at experienced players. If you are the type who wants the best padel racket, it is often tempting to choose the Pro version. This is typically where it's important to be honest with yourself and your level of play, because if you're not hitting the sweetspot consistently, an Oxdog Tour racket may well be the optimal solution for you.


This range is made for intermediate and up to experienced level padel players. They generally have a fairly soft core and are easy to play, but the carbon frame still enables you to put a significant amount of power into your strokes.


Oxdog's Court padel rackets are designed for beginners and recreational players who play the sport occasionally. A blend of carbon and fiberglass is used in the material, making the Court range comfortable and easy to play with.