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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Oxdog Ultimate Padel Rackets

The Ultimate series is Oxdog's diamond-shaped power racket. The purpose of Oxdog Ultimate is to create an innovative and functional range of padel rackets for the attacking player. See our range of Oxdog Ultimate padel rackets below.

Buy Oxdog Ultimate rackets at

The innovative Swedish brand Oxdog has quickly established itself as an interesting alternative to the established padel brands. The keywords are innovation, technology and functionality, which together in Oxdog's solutions will give you the decisive advantage on the padel court. You can buy Oxdog's Ultimate paddle here on, or you can drop by our physical padel shop at Åboulevard 15 in Copenhagen, Denmark, where you can get the Oxdog Ultimate rackets in your hand. If you're curious about the entire range of Oxdog rackets, you can find them here.

Which padel rackets does the Oxdog Ultimate series consist of?

With the Ultimate padel rackets from Oxdog, you are guaranteed plenty of power in your game. The series includes the following padel rackets:

  • Oxdog Ultimate Pro+
  • Oxdog Ultimate Pro
  • Oxdog Ultimate Pro Light
  • Oxdog Ultimate Tour
  • Oxdog Ultimate Match
  • Oxdog Ultimate Court

Although all rackets in the Ultimate series are built in a diamond shape, it's worth noting that the Oxdog Ultimate Match and Oxdog Ultimate Court, due to the softer materials they are constructed with, offer a high level of comfort and touch that makes them easier to control than the harder rackets in the Ultimate family.

The technology behind the Ultimate series

The Ultimate Series is Oxdog's innovative collection of diamond-shaped rackets built with a number of interesting technologies. At the top of the frame, PowerRibs ensure maximum power, while the Double Size Hole Pattern improves playability outside the sweetspot. In addition, Oxdog's RBS (Racket Balance System) allows you to customize the weight balance of the racket to your needs, while HES-Carbon technology provides increased energy transfer of momentum into the shot while increasing the durability of the racket.

Vibradamp fibers have been implemented in the shaft to absorb vibrations. Four removable silicone inserts have been added for extra protection against vibrations and a two-layer construction with PU top layer for optimal contact. The Vibradamp technology reduces strain on the wrist, elbow and shoulder.