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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Oxdog Sense Padel Rackets

Check out our selection of the Oxdog Sense series of padel rackets on this page. The Sense rackets are characterized by their round head shape, which makes them suitable for the control player who is strong on the defensive. In the development of Oxdog Sense, the focus has been on making the rackets as fast as possible, so you can easily get the racket in position for the next shot and create the power relatively easily.

Buy Oxdog Sense rackets at Mypadellife

Probably the world's fastest padel racket with a round head shape. This is how Oxdog presents their Sense series of padel rackets, which are above all made to excel in the defensive part of the game, but also have plenty of impact power incorporated. You can find the Oxdog Sense rackets in our physical padel shop in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen, Denmark, and of course also here in our online shop at

Which padel rackets does the Oxdog Sense series consist of?

Oxdog's Hyper padel rackets provide the padel player with a well-chosen mix of power and control. The series includes the following padel rackets:

  • Oxdog Sense Pro
  • Oxdog Sense Tour
  • Oxdog Sense Match
  • Oxdog Sense Match Light

If you are curious about all of the Oxdog racket series, you can see them here.