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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Osaka Padel Rackets

Japanese-inspired Osaka supplies a wide range of high-quality padel rackets. They are particularly known for their Japanese carbon construction in the racket's frame, just as many padel players return again and again to Osaka's rackets with the rough, sandpaper-like surface. Particularly popular are the Osaka Pro Tour (incl. Pro Tour and Pro Tour Limited) and Osaka Vision (incl. Vision Pro and Vision Aero) series. On this page you will find Padellife's range of Osaka padel rackets for all levels. Buy your new racket today!

Osaka Padel Rackets

Compared to the other big players in the padel market, Osaka stands out by "only" operating with two different racket head shapes; the round and the teardrop shaped heads. This translates into the fact that in their different series of padel rackets they have a control and a power version. If you're the type who prefers a rough, sandpaper-like surface on your padel racket, you'll love Osaka!

Osaka's Different Padel Racket Series

Osaka themselves divide their wide range into 3 levels of playing: Advanced, Intermediate and Casual players. Within each level of play, Osaka offers different series of rackets aimed at control and power players, respectively.

Advanced Players Category

In this category you will find the premium rackets in Osaka's selection. These are the Pro Tour Limited and Pro Tour series. Osaka's top rackets are made with Japanese 18K Textreme carbon, and is aimed at highly skilled and professional players.

Intermediate Players Category

For intermediate players, Osaka recommends the Vision Aero and Vision Pro. The materials in these rackets are a combination of carbon and fiberglass, placing them in the middle of the spectrum in terms of hardness and tolerance.

Casual Players Category

If you're just starting out in padel or just play occasionally, the Deshi, Vision and Vision Aero models (note the Vision Aero is also in the Intermediate category). These rackets contain fiberglass, which is a significantly softer material than carbon, so you get a somewhat more forgiving and comfortable racket to play with here that is also gentler on the arm and shoulder.

Protect your racket with an Osaka padel bag

Are you interested in an Osaka padel bag to carry your gear? Check out our selection of Osaka padel bags here