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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Adidas Cross It Padel Rackets

Cross It is Adidas' new series of padel rackets in 2024. Find your new Adidas Cross It racket at Padellife in our selection on this page.

Adidas Cross It Padel Racket Series

The Cross It series is an exciting addition to the Adidas range in 2024. The rackets contain a number of Adidas' best technologies and are, as Adidas themselves put it, built for different players who see padel through the eyes of a professional. One of the things that sets the Cross It rackets apart from other Adidas rackets is that Cross It is built with 'Extra Power Grip'. This means a longer shaft, which helps to shift the balance of the racket upwards and allows you to put more speed into the shot. A feature that is also supported by the fact that the frame and core of the bat are made of rigid and hard materials.

The hole pattern in the Adidas Cross It is the so-called 'Eleven 13 system', where the middle holes are smaller than usual to optimize durability. To top it off, Adidas has implemented Dynamic Air Flow technology in the area around the heart of the bat. The technology reduces air resistance in the swing for extra maneuverability and power.

Which rackets are included in the Adidas Cross It series?

The Adidas Cross It padel rackets are available in 3 different models, which are:

  • Adidas Cross It
  • Adidas Cross It CTRL
  • Adidas Cross It Light