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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Wilson Padel Grips

Over many years in the racket sports market, not least in tennis, Wilson has developed a huge amount of experience in the production of grips. Their Comfort Pro overgrip is extremely popular, and if you are looking for a nice standard overgrip for your paddle racket, you can't go wrong. Buy your new overgrip or replacement grip from Wilson here on this page.

Get a secure grip on your paddle with Wilson grips

Overgrips for paddle tennis help you get the optimal contact with the shaft of the racket and ultimately give you a better feel when hitting the ball. A Wilson overgrip can also help extend the life of your racket. Over time, wear and sweat from the palm of your hand will damage the grip and reduce its ability to absorb sweat. Thus, it is recommended that you change the grip regularly. Furthermore, for hygienic reasons, it is also advisable to replace your upper grip at regular intervals.

What grips does Wilson make for padel?

Wilson offers a variety of grips for padel, including the Wilson Profile Padel Overgrip, Wilson Pro Overgrip and Wilson Shock Shield Hybrid Replacement Grip.

Wilson Comfort overgrip

The Wilson Pro Overgrip is a high-quality overgrip that is one of the world's best-selling overgrips. It is a comfortable and elastic overgrip that provides a thin and cushioned grip without being too thick. In addition to the popular 3-pack, it is also available in 30-packs and 50-packs.

Wilson Profile Padel overgrip

The Wilson Profile Padel Overgrip is a high-quality overgrip that comes in a pack of three. The overgrip is comfortable and stands out especially for its extra sticky surface.

Wilson Shock Shield Hybrid Replacement grip

Wilson's Shock Shield Hybrid Replacement Padel Grip consists of a unique blend of PU and Iso-Zorb gel that creates an excellent combination of adhesion and comfort. This grip is for padel players who suffer from arm pain and therefore want to reduce shock and promote a soft feel when hitting the ball.