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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Babolat Vertuo Padel Rackets

Here you will find our selection of padel rackets in Babolat's Vertuo series, which consists of 3 different models: Counter, Air and Technical. You can delve much more into the Vertuo rackets below, where we have gathered further information about the popular series from Babolat.

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    Babolat Counter Vertuo 2023 Padel Racket

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    Perfect starter racket for the padel player who wants control and comfort! The Babolat Counter Vertuo 2023 padel racket is tolerant of strokes that...

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    Original Price €242,00
    Current Price €143,00
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    Babolat Air Vertuo 2023 Padel Racket

    Original Price €242,00
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    Ideal racket for beginners or recreational players who prioritise a low weight and a good combination of power and control! The Babolat Air Vertuo ...

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Babolat Vertuo padel rackets

The Vertuo padel rackets are Babolat's series targeted recreational and improving players. Compared to Babolat's other two series, Veron and Viper, Vertuo is the most flexible. Vertuo rackets are ideal for the player who is looking for the perfect balance between maneuverability, power and an easy-to-play racket that does not put more strain on the body than necessary.

What are the Babolat Vertuo series rackets?

The Vertuo series consists of:

Babolat Counter Vertuo

Counter Vertuo is the most obvious racket in the Vertuo series for the controlled player who turns defense into attack. The racket supports the consistency of your groundstrokes, and with Counter Vertuo's large sweetspot, you are guaranteed a good padel racket for defensive situations, but where you can also add speed to your strokes and counter attack when the opportunity arises.

Babolat Air Vertuo

Air Vertuo is the lightest racket in the Vertuo series with only 345 grams. If you need a fast racket where you can easily generate power to your strokes and at the same time be quick in your reactions and volleys, the Babolat Air Vertuo is a great choice for you.

Babolat Technical Vertuo

With its diamond shape and head-heavy balance, the Technical Vertuo is the most powerful racket in the Vertuo series. You get weight transfer in your offensive strokes, where you hit the ball at the top of the racket's head, and the attacking paddle player thus gets an impact weapon with lots of power and at the same time also a good comfort due to the soft core.

Advantages of the Babolat Vertuo racket series

The Babolat Vertuo racket series is designed to make it easy for you to create power. The frame of the racket is woven from soft fibers, and the elastic "Black EVA foam" core gives the ball a nice rebound in the shot, so you do not have to use more effort than necessary to add speed to your strokes. The soft construction also increases the comfort of the racket, making it much more tolerant than the hard and stiff rackets used by the professionals.

If you compare the Vertuo rackets with many other padel rackets for recreational or intermediate level players, Babolat has added a few exciting elements. They have implemented 3D spin technology, which involves textures in the surface that grip the ball and offer you improved contact. And then they have embedded a vibration system that reduces the strain on the arm and wrist and thus the risk of developing injuries.

Why choose a Babolat Vertuo padel racket?

When you are a new player who has fallen in love with padel, it is tempting to invest in an expensive padel racket. Because the more expensive, the better, right? Price and quality are definitely linked together, but as a relative newcomer to padel, it can often be the best choice to go with a racket that is made for improving or intermediate players. The reason for this recommendation is that the most expensive padel rackets are often harder and have a higher concentration of carbon in the frame, which makes the racket's hitting area smaller and correspondingly the penalty harder if you don't hit the ball in the sweetspot of the racket. This makes the expensive top rackets harder to play with and you are more likely to develop overuse injuries.

Reduce the risk of injury with a Babolat Vertuo padel racket

With Babolat Vertuo you get rackets in softer materials and with a higher tolerance and comfort. This will make the playing experience better for both new and intermediate players. Babolat has also added several of their best technologies to the Vertuo series to reduce the risk of developing injuries such as tennis elbow, which many padel players suffer from. You can also see our full range of Babolat padel rackets here.

A cheaper alternative to the expensive top padel rackets

As a padel player, a significant part of the costs of the sport goes to court rental around the padel centers. In addition, you regularly buy new padel balls, and if you also want padel coaching, it quickly adds up. Therefore, a competitive price on a padel racket is also an important parameter for many players. With a Babolat Vertuo padel racket, you get a lot of racket for the money, and even though Vertuo is intended for slightly experienced players, you can get a lot out of the Vertuo series well into your development as a padel player. And then of course it is always worth mentioning that the Babolat Vertuo rackets only cost about 1/3 of the most expensive padel rackets.

How long does a padel racket last for a recreational player?

When playing padel 1-2 times a week, a padel racket lasts for about 1 year. This assessment is of course associated with variations both one way and the other, and it should be emphasized that there is no definitive answer to the question. The durability of a paddle racket depends, among other things, on how it is treated, including how hard you generally hit the ball, whether the racket has been in contact with the glass wall, fence or possibly a fellow player's racket and how the racket is generally stored.

When talking about racket durability, it is also worth mentioning that padel rackets can have both visible and invisible damages. It is therefore not enough to just look for visible damage such as a crack in the racket or that the handle is loose and about to break. Over time, the racket's frame and rubber wear out, which can be hard to see. This kind of invisible wear and tear should also be taken into account when assessing the condition of the racket.

How can you tell when it's time to change your padel racket?

If your racket has developed an actual crack in the frame, it's time to replace it. Although you can still hit the ball, you will get very inconsistent feedback from the racket and the crack will only get bigger. The foam in the core of the racket also wears out over time, and when this happens, it becomes significantly less responsive. As a result, the paddle loses some of its original playing characteristics.

Some paddle players are not as sensitive to the gradual change in the playing characteristics of the padel racket over time, and as a beginner, it can be particularly difficult to identify when the foam in the core of the racket has become so worn out that it is no longer playable. Therefore, it can be a good idea to keep the general durability of a padel racket in mind and then regularly assess whether it is time to buy a new padel racket. If you have started playing padel and have been playing for a year, it is also very possible that you are ready for a new padel racket with different playing characteristics.