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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Adidas Metalbone HRD 3.1 Padel Racket

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The Adidas Metalbone HRD is ideal for the attacking player who wants power and the ability to adjust the racket to your exact preferences. Overall, the power comes from the diamond-shaped head, with the weight located at the top of the racket. It's made of carbon and is quite stiff, so if you're an experienced player who hits the ball consistently in the sweetspot, you can generate tremendous power with this racket.

In addition, the Metalbone HRD is made with a number of Adidas' best technologies. In other words, attention has been paid to detail with this racket, like the rest of the Metalbone range, coming with a weight and balance system that allows you to adjust the racket's playing characteristics to suit your needs using small weights. The weights consist of 6 screws with different weights, which you can reposition or remove completely to customize the racket to your preferences.

Adidas' Octagonal Structure, embedded in the frame and heart of the racket, adds extra rigidity, while Spin Blade technology gives you an enhanced touch. The frame is protected with Adidas' 3M Protector to offer you a little bit more confidence when hitting close to the wall.

Weight: 345-360 grams.

BalanceHead heavy
CoverNot included
Playing stylePower player
SurfaceRough surface