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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Babolat Counter Viper 2022 Padel Racket

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The Babolat Counter Viper 2022 is part of the new "Viper" series from Babolat, which is not to be confused with the power bat Viper Carbon from 2020. This high-end series is based on a philosophy of new player types, which deals with the fact that everyone can finish the rally, but that there are differences in how to arrive at the decision of it.

Counter Viper suits the patient player who defends well and through patient play manages to get to the obvious chance before the rally is finished. The racket strives to have the control to be able to stand a strong defense, but still with the power to be able to hit the decisive smash.

The racket's head shape is newly developed and is close to the traditional round head shape, meaning the sweetspot is located centrally in the bat. To ensure control, the bat has a relatively hard outer core/foam. The X-Eva technology provides a softer inner core/foam that takes the worst vibrations, making the bat more gentle on the arm.

The weight of the bat is 365 grams with a balance of 27 cm, which is a bit on the head light side. The grip of the racket itself seems a bit longer, which makes the racket suitable for players who hit with 2 hands in the backhand.

The new Viper series is built around the following features:
Explosive power - The combination of X-Eva foam (newly developed 3-layer foam) and carbon surface ensures plenty of hitting power.
3D spin - a ridge pattern on the surface with a matte finish, which provides good ball control and spin capability.
HPS - The placement of the holes on the bat is optimized for the head shape and sweetsport of the bat, allowing for increased control.

BalanceHead light
CoverNot included
Playing styleControl player
SurfaceRough surface