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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Bullpadel Hack 03 2023 Padel Racket

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The 2023 version of Bullpadel's popular power racket, Hack 03 has landed! You're served up a powerful padel racket in a diamond shape and a head-heavy weight balance packed with Bullpadel's latest technologies.

Compared to the Vertex 03 2023, the Hack version has a harder core and is a bit more hard hitting. The Vertex 03 has a softer core and a sandy, rough surface.

Weight: 365-375 grams

Technologies Applied in Bullpadel Hack 03 2023 


This carbon fibre consists of thinner and lighter fibres that are interwoven in 3 directions to improve surface performance. 

Multi EVA

The core features Bullpadel's Multieva technology, which is EVA foam produced in two layers with different densities; the exterior layer is harder and gives you more power in your strokes, while the inner layer has less density and offers you more response and touch.


An aluminium alloy protector glued to the racket frame to protect both the frame and the surface against impact. 

Custom Weight

Up to 3 weight plates of 3 grams each can be placed in the racket's Metashield protector, which you can remove or insert as needed to tailor the weight and balance to your preferences. Bullpadel's Custom Weights are not included, but you can purchase them here.

Padellife's recommendation: you may want to install a piece of protector tape on top of the weight plates to keep them in place.


Bullpadel's well-known undergrip with the honeycomb design, which increases the contact area between your hand and the handle to reduce vibrations up through your hand. 


The Nerve system covers the narrow channels on the side of the frame to increase rigidity and reduce weight. 

Vibra Drive 

In the handle, Bullpadel has implemented an extra elastic rubber part, which reduces the majority of the vibrations in the stroke on not least 'off center hits'.


The heart of the Hack racket is made extra rigid to increase control on 'off centre hits'. 

Carbon Tube

The frame construction is built using carbon tubes interwoven in two different directions to achieve the perfect blend of power and control. 

BalanceHead heavy
CoverNot included
Playing stylePower player
SurfaceMat surface