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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Nox AT2 Genius Limited By Agustin Tapia 2024 Padel Racket (Special Packaging)

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Introducing the crown jewel of the Nox 2024 collection: the AT2 Genius Limited By Agustin Tapia 2024!

This exclusive top racket is produced in a very limited edition of just 5,000 pieces worldwide. To top it all off, it comes in a special packaging that includes wristbands, extra straps, overgrips and even a racquet keychain.

In terms of playability, it's perfect for the experienced and technically strong player who is able to utilize the high-quality materials that the racket is made from. Both the foam and the surface are on the harder side, so you'll be truly rewarded for your accurate hits in the sweetspot. This is only enhanced by Nox's Exclusive Spin+ technology, which involves 2 different types of surface roughness; a hexagonal pattern in the center and a sandpaper-like roughness around the outside. The racket has a teardrop-shaped head, where Nox, with the materials and technologies in mind, considers it a sublime all-round racket weighted slightly towards the control side.

If you're the type who wants quality and something that is only available to the few, this package from Nox is a real must-have!

Weight: 360-375 grams

Units: 5,000 copies worldwide

The entire package contains:

  • 1 Nox AT2 Genius LTD Edition 2024 padel racket
  • 2 elegant Nox sweatbands in black with silver logo
  • 2 interchangeable straps in exclusive design
  • 2 overgrips in black and white
  • 1 keychain with the AT2 Genius LTD Edition 2024 racket

Applied Technologies in Nox AT Genius 18K Luxury By Agustin Tapia 2024

New Molds

The Nox 2024 collection of padel rackets is made from even lighter and more solid materials. The frame has also been redesigned for a more aerodynamic and aesthetic shape.

Exclusive Spin+

New technology that includes two types of rough finish on the surface of the face, the 3D hexagonal located in the center of the blade and the sand finish on the rest. With this double roughness we obtain greater control and the possibility of printing more spin on the ball.

Pulse System

This technology consists of two elastomer bands on either side of the grip, which absorb the vibrations from your shot and reduce the strain on your arm. The elastomer bands also offer you a more comfortable grip on the racket as they are made from softer and mouldable materials that adapt to your hand.

Dynamic Composite Structure

Using a dynamic structure in the racket's frame, Nox ensures that the difference is minimized when you hit the ball off centre in the racket compared to when you hit in the sweetspot. This gives you a more consistent feel wherever you hit the ball.

Smart Strap

The strap is adjustable and can be replaced as needed without removing the bottom cap.

MLD Black EVA 

The core of the racket is constructed with MLD Black EVA foam. The foam is made with different densities to optimise ball exit in every type of shot.

EOS Flap

The sides at the heart of the racket are perforated for increased aerodynamics, manoeuvrability and improved balance.

18K Carbon

8K carbon that provides a solid and comfortable feel and greater resistance to temperature changes and power from the racket frame. 

Carbon Frame

The frame is made of carbon for greater rigidity and durability.

Custom Grip

Patented technology from Nox, certified by the Testa Padel Institute. Designed for players who sweat a lot or have problems with tennis elbow, the technology gives you up to 52% improved grip on the racket and reduces vibrations by up to 29%.

Oversize Grip

Extended shaft for better two-handed use and improved ability for power players to add hitting power to the stroke.

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