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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Nox Tempo WPT 2023 Padel Racket

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Nox Tempo WPT 2023 is an exclusive, teardrop-shaped padel racket targeted at experienced players. It combines the best of both worlds by giving you a delicious mix of control and hitting power.

The surface is woven in 12k carbon and combined with Nox's new HR3 EVA foam, you get a racket with a really good output in your strokes when you hit the ball in the sweetspot. Compared to the 2022 version, efforts have been made to make the racket more forgiving on 'off centre hits' when you hit outside the sweetspot.

The racket is 1 of a total of 4 official World Padel Tour rackets from Nox.

Weight: 360-375 grams

Applied Technologies in Nox Tempo WPT 2023

HR3 Black EVA

The core of the racket is constructed with a black HR3-EVA foam. The foam has a high density and memory effect that provides greater power in your stroke.

Carbon Frame

The frame is made of carbon for greater rigidity and durability.

Dynamic Composite Structure

Using a dynamic structure in the racket's frame, Nox ensures that the difference is minimized when you hit the ball off centre in the racket compared to when you hit in the sweetspot. This gives you a more consistent feel wherever you hit the ball.

12k Carbon

The carbon fibres are woven with a density of 12k and are braided into small squares. Nox apply 12k fibers with a higher grammage than regular carbon fibers for better durability.

Rough Surface

The rough surface is made from pre-moulded plastic and ensures you a good feel with the ball and more effective shots.

Smart Strap

The strap is adjustable and can be replaced as needed without removing the bottom cap.

Diversize Grip

Extended racket handle for improved grip.

AVS Antivibration System

Reduction of vibrations caused by strokes outside the sweetspot.

CoverNot included
Playing styleAll-round
SurfaceRough surface