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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Osaka Vision Control 2023 Padelbat (Charcoal/Maroon)

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With the Osaka Vision Control 2023, the aspiring player gets an easy-to-play control racket at a fair price.

This padel racket is characterized by a round head and a head-light balance - in other words, it is designed with control and precision in mind.

The Osaka Vision Control 2023 (Charcoal/Maroon) racket is created for the padel player who wants a racket with great precision and response. You get great feedback from the carbon frame and fiberglass surface with a large sweetspot, where Osaka's goal is to offer you great accuracy through a larger hitting area of the racket. The core, which is put together by Osaka's Touch Foam, delivers extra feel to the racket so you can 'pet' the ball around the opponents' half of the court.

The strap of the racket is made with extra padding so it won't bother or chafe your wrist. All in all, a control racket with plenty of playability for the improving player on the rise!

BalanceHead light
CoverNot included
Playing styleControl player
SurfaceRough surface