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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

SHOX Lamina Padel Grip Soft

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Shox Padel is a small Swedish startup that has dedicated all their energy to innovating products that help protect the padel player's most important body part - the striking arm!

Shox Padel has released the Lamina Grips series, which is a rubber grip that is suitable for putting on the shaft of the padel racket with an overgrip on top. These rubber grips are to many padel players comparable to the very popular grip, the Bullpadel Hesacore Grip. Lamina Grip is available in 3 hardnesses:

Soft, Medium and Hard.

The effect is basically the same, as they all provide a better grip as well as less vibration in the arm. Therefore, you can choose exactly the grip that feels best for you for maximum comfort and optimal grip.

Reverse Lamina

Shox Lamina offers the option of putting the grip upside down (see image no. 3). This provides the same protection of the arm as well as soft grips, but you get rid of the structures in the grip that not everyone likes.

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Type of gripErgonomic Grip