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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Starvie Dronos Speed 2024 Padel Racket

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Are you looking for a great all-round racket that is forgiving and easy to play with? Then the Dronos Speed 2024 is just what you're looking for!
With its teardrop-shaped head and soft construction, it's an ideal racket for the intermediate player looking for their first premium racket. The construction is 3k carbon and a soft foam core. This creates a racket that has the output and speed of carbon, but also a forgiving playing experience from the Ultra Speed Soft foam.

The sweetspot is placed mid-high in the racket, which in combination with a slightly head-heavy balance gives a natural and speed. The soft Ultra Speed Soft foam provides an extremely soft touch on the ball, which expands the sweet spot and creates the basis for a potent trampoline effect.

The racket is created for the intermediate player and all the way up to the World Padel Tour, where it is used by Jairo Bautista.

A final noteworthy detail is that the racket is handmade in Guadalajara, Spain.
Weight: 350-385 grams.

Technologies used in the Starvie Triton Speed 2024

3k Carbon

The frame is reinforced with two layers of carbon for improved control and impact power.

EVA Ultra Speed Soft

The core of the racket is made of EVA Ultra Speed Soft. This provides a soft feel that many intermediate players appreciate. It is Starvie's softest foam and is a new addition from 2023.

Full Plane Effect Technology

The surface is constructed with Starvie's Full Plane Effect, which is a special type of rough surface that ensures a sumptuous grip on the ball.

Star Balance System

The famous Starvie star is placed in the heart of the racket to create optimal balance and stability in the racket during powerful strokes.

Noene Inside

In collaboration with Noene, Starvie has integrated vibration dampening technology into the shaft of the racket. The technology absorbs up to 96% of the negative energy caused by shocks and vibrations from the impact.

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