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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Starvie Kenta Speed 2024 Padel Racket (Special Packaging)

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New from Starvie for those who want control and comfort! Kenta is Starvie's new 2024 collection of control rackets in their top series, Premium Line.

The keywords for the Starvie Kenta Speed 2024 bat are comfort, stability and control. The racket frame is relatively rigid and offers you a stable racket. The core of the racket is made with Starvie's soft Ultra Speed Soft foam, which makes it really comfortable to play with. If you want to spare your hitting arm but still want a top racket, the Kenta Speed 2024 racket is a highly relevant option.

The racket is born with a round head shape and a neutral weight distribution, which is especially aimed at the controlling player. The soft foam, combined with a neutral weight balance and Starvie's new Geo Bridge technology in the heart, also makes it relatively easy to accelerate your swing.

In 2024, Starvie has added several new technologies to their racket to increase its performance. A few of the most prominent are the Hex Tech technology, which is a hexagonal structure molded into the surface of the racket. The structure ensures good contact with the ball and great durability as it is part of the surface and not "just" added on top of it. Finally, in collaboration with Noene, Starvie has implemented a vibration dampening technology in the shaft of the racket to reduce shocks and vibrations.

Compared to the other models in the Kenta series, the Kenta Speed is the version with the softest foam. The comfort of the racket is therefore top notch, and if you are looking for a racket with a forgiving surface and a soft feel, Kenta Speed 2024 is the obvious choice. On the other hand, you get more power in your strokes with the Kenta Pro racket's significantly harder surface.

This top racket from Starvie's 2024 collection is presented in an attractive package that also includes wristbands. Like Starvie's other rackets, the model is handmade in Spain.

Weight: 350-385 grams

Technologies used in Starvie Kenta Speed 2024

3K Carbon

The racket frame is reinforced by two layers of carbon for improved control and power.

EVA Ultra Speed Soft

The core of the racket is made from Ultra Speed Soft EVA foam, which is Starvie's softest foam. It's ideal for the player looking for comfort, playability and extra ball speed from the back of the court.

Hex Tech

The surface of the racket is constructed with Starvie's new Hex Tech technology, which features a hexagonal rough pattern for increased precision and durability.

Geo Bridge

This new technology is implemented in the heart of the racket, which is shaped in a hexagonal design. The technology provides the racket with improved maneuverability and increases acceleration in your swing for greater power. In addition, Geo Bridge technology reduces vibrations from the strokes.

Reactive Holes

Reactive Holes is Starvie's new hole pattern improving the overall performance of the racket.

Longer Handgrip

The shaft has been lengthened by 1.5 cm to provide more space for two hands.

Noene Inside

In collaboration with Noene, Starvie has integrated a vibration dampening technology into the racket shaft. The technology absorbs up to 96% of the negative energy caused by shocks and vibrations from the impact in your strokes.

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Playing styleControl player
SurfaceRough surface