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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Varlion Maxima Prisma Airflow W Padel Racket

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The Varlion Summum Maxima Prisma Airflow W is a top racket for the quality-conscious padel player who places himself between control and power. Thus, the racket comes in a teardrop shape with a medium to high weight balance and is designed for those who want control without losing hitting power.

The racket is produced with Varlion's new Airflow technology, which includes improved air circulation through the racket's elongated and circular hole system. This creates improved aerodynamics in your swing and more hitting power.

Be aware that Varlion offers two rackets in the Bourne Summum Prisma Airflow series, ending in a W and an S respectively. Therefore, to eliminate the impact of temperature on the racket's playing characteristics, it has been produced with two types of rubber - a soft "W" and a harder "S". The Varlion Bourne Prisma Airflow W is designed for play in temperatures from 25 degrees and below, while the Varlion Bourne Prisma Airflow S is designed for padel in heat levels from 25 and up.

The racket also includes Summum technology, which includes several benefits including:

  • A longer grip than normal to give the player a more comfortable and professional grip as well as to make it easier to use two-handed backhands.
  • A 1 cm longer striking surface.
  • The Wings Diffuser technology at the heart of the racket, via improved aerodynamics, gives you more manoeuvrability and precision.
  • Varlion Handlesafety technology is a new safety system implemented in the shaft. With this system, the strap passes through both "walls" of the shaft, providing greater safety and comfort.

BalanceHead heavy
CoverNot included
Playing styleAll-round
SurfaceRough surface