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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Adidas RX Series Lime Padel Racket

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The Adidas RX Series Lime is the perfect racket for intermediate players who are taking their padel to the next level. The racket is built with a fairly stiff frame and a round head, which gives you the necessary precision and control. In addition, the soft construction in the surface and the foam in the core make it easy and comfortable to play with. You can get speed on the ball without necessarily hitting it right in the center of the sweet spot every time.

Weight: 360-375 grams

Technologies Applied in Adidas RX 1000

EVA Soft Performance

The racket's core is made of low density EVA rubber to give you response and high comfort. This is the softest of the three types of foam that Adidas works with in their top rackets. Adidas' rackets produced with this type of rubber is marked with a black cap.

Fibre Glass

Adidas operates with 6 different types of fibres, each type having different properties that influence the power and control ratio of the racket. This racket is made with fiberglass in the surface, which is Adidas' most flexible fiber. This provides you with a forgiving and comfortable contact with the ball in your strokes. This is also the most gentle surface for those who struggle with elbow and shoulder strain injuries. 

Structural Power

In the frame at the heart of the racket, small carbon fibers are inserted to ensure the rigidity of the frame and thus provide the racket with more power.

Smart Holes Lineal

The holes in the racket are of the same size and placed in groups of 3 to make the surface stronger and more durable. 

Structural Reinforcement

The entire racket head has been reinforced to make it even more durable and resistant to the stress and torsion that the material is exposed to.

CoverNot included
Playing styleControl player
SurfaceMat surface