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Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!
Welcome to Padellife - Your padel expert!

Pro Kennex Smash Padelbat (Grey)

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If you have just started out with the padel and looking for an affordable 'value for money' start to your padel career, the Pro Kennex Smash racket is an obvious choice.

The racket is designed with a round headshape and a fiberglass frame, which ensures a high level of control, response and comfort in your strokes. The weight balance is even, which means that compared to many other rackets with round heads, you will have the weight placed slightly higher up in the racket. This means that the Pro Kennex Smash helps you create power more easily than many other rackets in this category.

The sweetspot is wide, so you'll get consistent contact with the ball - even if you might occasionally hit a little outside the centre of the hitting area. The fibreglass material also helps to protect your arm, wrist and shoulder, as it is a highly flexible material.

Weight: 365 grams

If you're tired of paying big bucks to rent a padel racket, or just want your racket at a favorable price, the Pro Kennex Smash is a sure winner.

CoverNot included
Playing styleAll-round
SurfaceMat surface